Tuesday, June 24, 2014

'Distilled,' A Group Show in New York, September, 2014

'Distilled' is open through 25 October 2014

A very high-quality show in New York at 
Bernard Jacobson,17 East 71st Street.
212-879-1100 Open Tues - Sat  10 to 6

Small paintings by: Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Larry Bell, Marc Vaux, William Tillyer, Christian de Boschnek, Vicky Colombet, Nicola Ginzel, Eric Holtzman, Kazimira Rachfal, John Scofield

L-R: John Scofield and Diana Erdos, curator and gallery
director at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, NYC. 

Two small paintings on view at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery to 26 July.

The private viewing room in the rear of the gallery.

'A Murder of Crows'   John Scofield

'Landscape in Mars Yellow'    John Scofield

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

17 East 71st Street
New York, NY 10021

diana (at) jacobsongallery.com

Monday, April 28, 2014

Furniture: 40 Years of Designing and Building

The first juried show I was ever in was titled, "Things," 1972. It was at the Brockton Art Center in MA. Jack Lenor Larsen was the juror. There are two tables shown that I designed and made (see arrows). The one on the plinth in maple and rosewood is called 'On Point.' On the floor is a cherry table with a lamp in a carved 'landscape' underneath.

"Things," Brockton Art Center, 1972.

'Black Mesa Clock'    Height: 2M
This clock contains a classic American hand-made bell-strike movement. The bell was made in a small British factory that has been making the same bells for hundreds of years. The dial was made of bisque-fired porcelain especially for this piece.

Rear of clock showing Jack Lenor Larsen stretched fabric.
When the bell chimes the hour, it will continue to ring for a full minute after it is struck. Most tall case clocks muffle the tone. The rear fabric panel allows the sound to be more easily transmitted into the room. Jack Larsen personally helped me select this fabric design from his extensive line.

Detail of clock with key for doors.
To wind the movement or inspect the lower weights, the key is turned to open the upper or lower front doors.

'Greek Mountain Table'
A small end table that has four small 'bird cage' columns supporting the top. The base was stuccoed by hand with a tinted mix.

'Lysistrata Table'
A small writing table named after the principal character in a comedy written by Aristophanes. Carved and painted maple legs are connected by means of an iron apron. The top is in figured 'birds's eye' maple.

'Flag Back Chair'
A painted wood and metal chair prototype. It is intended to have a formed leather seat and back. A hidden spring mechanism in the back allows it to recline.

'Landscape Chest'
This chest has twenty drawers and over one hundred dovetail joints.

'I Miss You' table, twin towers street side.
A few days after 9/11 a gold Mylar balloon landed in the David Austen rose bush outside of my Amenia, NY studio. I picked it out of the thorns and examined it. It bore the hand written legend, "I Miss You." Some time soon afterward a Roman Catholic nun, Sister Mary Lanning, said to me, "Oh yes, we released hundreds of those balloons in Harlem." I decided to make a commemorative table in honor of Sister Lanning's efforts to promote healing and reconciliation.

'I Miss You' table, river side.

'3 Sided Glass Top Table with 4 Legs'
Carved and painted maple, forged iron, glass.

'Carved Mahogany Bench'    Shown in Robert Motherwell's collage studio 1970s.
This bench has a cabinet with colored glass and a small drawer built into it.

'Thalassia Coat Rack'
Painted oak with a metal pan on the base to collect water from dripping coats and boots.

'My Wooden Herculaneum'
Another small table based on the double bird cage theme.

'My Wooden Herculaneum'

'Night Sky Table'
A dining table that seats eight. Hundreds of stars are painted on the top in the manner of the Milky Way.

'Night Sky Table'

'Exhibition with Paintings Studies'
The 'Equestrian Bench' and '3 Sided Glass Top Table..' were exhibited in NYC at the Franklin Parrasch Gallery in 1990. I often use very large paintings on paper to finalize these designs as shown above. L-R: 'Her Moods' (after a poem by W.H. Auden), the 'Bruno Chair' (my son's middle name).

'S. Maria Novella Humidor'
A humidor with a cast bronze base and painted mahogany box. S. Maria Novella is my favorite building in Florence. The Gothic arches with alternating green and white are taken from the facade of the church.

'S. Maria Novella Humidor'
Shown with the top open.

'3 Shadows Table'
Carved and painted maple, forged iron, glass.

'Ribbon Table'
Forged iron and glass.

'Folding Music Stand'
Designed in 1971. This stand is often used as an easel to display framed art. The Folding Music Stand design is in the permanent collections at MoMA and at The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

Forged iron picnic table with free-edge spruce board top.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Architectural Projects and Details

Architectural Projects Designed by John E. Scofield

Inside of two back-to-back 'Rumford' fireplaces. 

I designed and built a group of 'cabins' for a Hollywood producer who owned land in Connecticut. This shoot for Vogue was the first design story in the USA for editor Hamish Bowles. He arrived in a white fur coat, no hat, on a very cold day. I built him a fire in the main cabin and toasted up some scones in the fire place. That cheered him up... 

On the fire screen, in the upper left corner, there is a small forged-iron screech owl. This was to commemorate the owl that once sat in a nearby apple tree during the middle of the day. Stonework by the late Anders Chase. Ironwork: Peter Catchpole.
  • See two photos with red dots in the story below.

This is an authentic
Adirondack 'Rushton'
canoe in front of the 
cabin's screened-in porch.

  • A garage / workshop with great-room and fireplace on the second floor:

Exterior stone steps take you up to a terrace and main entry to the great-room:

Contractor: Jack Nelson, Concord Environmental Construction Services, Kent, CT.

  • An insulated cabin / studio overlooking Hatch Pond in S. Kent, CT:
Note a garden supplies storage area below. Designer / Contractor: John E. Scofield

  • Architectural amenities for a commercial project: 
'Mountain Waves' This enclosure keeps mechanical equipment
(air conditioning units etc.) and noise away from the buildings.

A medical building with a 1,000 s.f. yoga studio on the 2nd
floor. One of the (12) buildings in the commercial project. 

'My Song is Love Unknown' concrete relief.

'Peel' utilities enclosure / raised planting bed with mahogany curved bench.

'Peel' detail.

'Figures in Landscape' concrete relief hides electric meters. 
(Construction photo).

  • A curved-top oak kitchen trellis on an 18th century country house: 
Note bottom hinge brackets that allow the trellis to be lowered for maintenance.

  • A 10,000 s.f. sculpture and landscape project in Branford, CT that was published in Landscape Architecture Magazine. 

Landscape plan designed / drawn by Peter Alexander, Greenwich, CT
House designed by architect Peter Woerner, New Haven, CT

  • Residential porch addition / before and after photos.

Interior detail with 'eyebrow' window.

Interior and exterior features of addition designed by
Bartley I. Johnstone and John E. Scofield.

John Scofield Designs, LLC
   PO Box 761
   Sharon, CT  06069
   mobile: 860-671-0153