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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Architectural Projects and Details

Architectural Projects Designed by John E. Scofield

Inside of two back-to-back 'Rumford' fireplaces. 

I designed and built a group of 'cabins' for a Hollywood producer who owned land in Connecticut. This shoot for Vogue was the first design story in the USA for editor Hamish Bowles. He arrived in a white fur coat, no hat, on a very cold day. I built him a fire in the main cabin and toasted up some scones in the fire place. That cheered him up... 

On the fire screen, in the upper left corner, there is a small forged-iron screech owl. This was to commemorate the owl that once sat in a nearby apple tree during the middle of the day. Stonework by the late Anders Chase. Ironwork: Peter Catchpole.
  • See two photos with red dots in the story below.

This is an authentic
Adirondack 'Rushton'
canoe in front of the 
cabin's screened-in porch.

  • A garage / workshop with great-room and fireplace on the second floor:

Exterior stone steps take you up to a terrace and main entry to the great-room:

Contractor: Jack Nelson, Concord Environmental Construction Services, Kent, CT.

  • An insulated cabin / studio overlooking Hatch Pond in S. Kent, CT:
Note a garden supplies storage area below. Designer / Contractor: John E. Scofield

  • Architectural amenities for a commercial project: 
'Mountain Waves' This enclosure keeps mechanical equipment
(air conditioning units etc.) and noise away from the buildings.

A medical building with a 1,000 s.f. yoga studio on the 2nd
floor. One of the (12) buildings in the commercial project. 

'My Song is Love Unknown' concrete relief.

'Peel' utilities enclosure / raised planting bed with mahogany curved bench.

'Peel' detail.

'Figures in Landscape' concrete relief hides electric meters. 
(Construction photo).

  • A curved-top oak kitchen trellis on an 18th century country house: 
Note bottom hinge brackets that allow the trellis to be lowered for maintenance.

  • A 10,000 s.f. sculpture and landscape project in Branford, CT that was published in Landscape Architecture Magazine. 

Landscape plan designed / drawn by Peter Alexander, Greenwich, CT
House designed by architect Peter Woerner, New Haven, CT

  • Residential porch addition / before and after photos.

Interior detail with 'eyebrow' window.

Interior and exterior features of addition designed by
Bartley I. Johnstone and John E. Scofield.

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